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Hello! I am Lindsey Fake, mother to my lovely little girls – Sienna and Kaia, wife to Ady and a primary school teacher of eleven years.

Before I had my daughter, I was extremely anxious and stressed about giving birth which had cast a shadow over my pregnancy as I had associated birth with extreme pain and fear. I was lucky enough to know a friend who had done a hypnobirthing course during her pregnancy with her son so when she told me all about it, I was excited that there was something I could do to make me feel more in control. I hadn’t heard of it before and I wondered what it could do for us. It did sound all a bit too good to be true really – or a bit ‘out there’ to be honest!

Researching it uncovered some surprising facts. I discovered I could have a calm, confident and comfortable birth by changing my fear mindset, which was holding me back. Fear causes tension which, in turn, causes pain. I was delighted to feel I could be in the driving seat of my birth and could learn ways to work with my body rather than against it, as I’d unwittingly been doing!

Ady came along to support me (after a bit of convincing in the beginning that it wasn’t some ‘new age’ hocus pocus thing!) and we were blown away by all the logical, interesting and useful information as well as all the practical help and support we were given.

After experiencing this profound transformation in thinking and in my approach to labour, I became fascinated and passionate about all things pregnancy and birth related and wanted to help mums-to-be like you to have the best birthing experience possible – no matter how you choose to birth your baby!

I trained with a company recognised by the Royal College of Midwives so you can be assured of a quality, evidence based course with up to date information.

Because I know that everyone is different and everyone has a unique set of circumstances, I have designed courses to cover all your needs. Simply choose the best course for you.

  • Group Courses

  • One to one private courses

  • Intensive day courses

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‘A positive birthing experience far outweighs whatever ‘perfect’ may be. Hypnobirthing is for any type of birth.’

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“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” ~ Jane Weideman